Placement and size guide

Rugs have a central role in how the room is perceived and it is therefore as important to be careful with placement and size as it is with their appearance.

The dining area

The rug should be large enough for the chairs to fit comfortably also when pushed back. Else, the rear chair legs may catch on the rug edge when the chair is moved back and forth and the chair will be wobbly unless all four legs stand on the rug. A good guideline is 75 cm from the edge of the table top.

Sofa group against the wall

If the sofa group faces a wall, the rug does not have to go all the way to the wall. You can move the furniture out a little into the room, but let the rug go at least halfway in under the sofa. You should not be able to see the edge of the rug under the sofa.

Sofa group in the middle of the room

To make the room feel bigger, let the furniture stand on the rug That creates a room within the room. You will get the best effect if the rug runs outside all of the furniture that will be on the rug. It ties the furniture together and creates a unity in the room.


By letting the rug cover the entire floor area under and around the bed, you get a complete piece of furniture that ties the room together. You want to put your feet on the rug when you get out of bed, so don't let it stop at the middle of the bed. Smaller rugs along the sides of the bed are easier to move but they make the room more fragmented.

Things to consider when measuring

Since the rugs are handmade from living natural materials, the size can vary by about 3 percent depending on humidity and other factors, regardless of the high quality of craftsmanship and materials, so take that into account when you measure. For example, if it is important that the rug goes at least 73 centimeters beyond the edge of the table top, it must be ordered based on the measurement of 75 cm to be on the safe side.

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