Care Instructions

A rug is meant to be walked on, lived with and used. Here's how to care for your GLOWB rug so that it will please you for a long time.

Care in everyday life

Vacuum your rug without a brush on the nozzle. Always pull the nozzle in the same direction as the pile. Robot vacuum cleaners and rotating brush nozzles can damage edges and fringes.

Turn the rug occasionally so that it wears evenly and you avoid unnecessary traces of repeated wear in the same places.


If something is spilled on the rug, wipe it up immediately, because it soaks in and dries into the rug, making it harder to remove.


First soak up with a dry cloth. If the stain has dried, wet the stain by pouring a little water on it (does not apply to jute and hemp, see below).


Then wet a cloth with water and possibly mild detergent or colorless soap.


Then wet the stain with the cloth. ATTENTION! do not rub but press on the spot.


Wipe/soak up with a dry cloth.


If you used a cloth with cleaning agent, wet it once more with water until the agent is gone and then soak up with a dry cloth.


If the washed area is different from the rug afterwards, we recommend professional washing of the entire rug.

Rug cleaning

For professional rug cleaning, we recommend water washing or dry cleaning, but consult with the laundry company.


Wool is a naturally oily fiber that makes it dirt-repellent. Airing is good for the wool, it opens up the fibers and the wool cleans itself. But for coarser dirt, clean as above. Often no further treatment is needed after that.


Silk is a naturally smooth fiber and is therefore also dirt-repellent. Just like wool, silk self-cleans when airing. Larger stains are cleaned as above, but the silk can be stained by water, in which case a professional full wash is required. Silk is somewhat sensitive to light, so some colors may fade slightly if exposed to direct sunlight for a long tim

Bamboo silk

Bamboo silk is produced from fibers from the core of the bamboo plant and is deceptively similar to ordinary silk, hence the name. However, bamboo silk is more delicate than wool and silk and can be washed according to the instructions above, but the structure of the fibers is more affected by washing, so we recommend washing the entire rug so that the washed area does not differ from the rest of the rug afterwards.

Jute and hemp

Jute and hemp are very durable, hard-wearing and dirt-repellent plant fibers but can be sensitive to moisture. Therefore, we recommend that you quickly soak up spilled liquid and treat as above but without pouring water on or soaking the rug. If a stain nevertheless remains, we recommend professional washing.

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