All our rugs are handmade to the highest levels of craftsmanship in the most exclusive natural materials, and each rug is as unique as the home it adorns. Bespoke rugs are individually designed and manufactured to fit the unique home perfectly. The process of creating such a rug begins with the decorator or us getting familiar with how the room the rug is to suit looks and your vision for it - if you have one - and we capture what you like style, color and materials wise, by showing image examples and samples. We then put together a mood board that shows what we are aiming for before we produce proposals and cost estimates. Once we agree, we manufacture the rug, which normally takes 10-12 weeks.

Custom Made

There are often more prerequisites given than above, of other furniture and colors in the room, and you may even have seen something already in our curated selection which you like, but which needs to be tailored and perhaps with other color or details. This is called Custom Made and the process for creating one is similar to the one above, but the conditions are more given by the decorator or the customer and we can go more directly to a finished proposal, without first producing a mood board and various sketch proposals. The delivery time is the same as for Bespoke, 10-12 weeks.

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